Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I love $aving money!!!!

So I have discovered a new love. Now, I have always been a devoted wal mart shopper. I've always saved money there over Publix or Target. But recently, I've started clipping coupons and it has become a bit of an obsession. Each week becomes more and more fun as I compete with myself to save more and more money. Today, I went to Target to pick up a few things. Why did I choose Target!? It's my new love! I LOVE Target, Wal mart not anymore!!! In fact, Wal mart is what I call hell on earth. Anyways, back to my savings story. So I follow several blogs that help me find savings and coupons. One of them, Alecia, always has great info on great deals. Today's entry was about getting free bread at Target. Yes that's right, free bread. I was only able to get 2, because that's all they had. If you go to Target's website you can print their coupons, more than once. Their artisan bread is $.99 and Target has $1 coupons. Henceforth, free!!!! You can only buy 1 per transaction, but I just did 2 transactions, no biggie! :)
For my other great deal! :) At the Target website, I also printed hillshire deli lunchmeat coupon, $1 off. I already had a manufacturer's coupon for $.55 and thought I'd save some great money. When I got there, on the lunchmeat, there is a buy 2, save $3. That's a free lunchmeat container, because they are on sale for $3.06 (something like that). So, I grabbed my 2 lunchmeats, and used 1 $3 coupon and the $1 that I had from Target (they allow 1 Target coupon and 1 manufacturer). I got over $6 worth of lunchmeat for $2 and some change. I NEVER get such cheap lunchmeat! So exciting! I was stoked! So, I spent a little over $11 today at Target and saved over $5. I love those trips! :) Check out Target's website for more coupons and look at the links I have on the left hand side of this blog for more info on now you can save!

Ok, I just found this: At the Target website, you can print $1 coupon for Dove deodorant. If you go here you can print a manufacturer's $2 coupon and use both at Target and get a great deal on deodorant! :) Guess I'm going back to Target this week! :)

My loot for $11


  1. Cool post!!!!

    There's no Target here, but I love Target!

    Now here's my tip: Go to Wal-mart's website http://walmart.triaddigital.com/In-Stores-Now-Free-Samples.aspx You can get free samples of different products. I order almost all of them. If I don't use it, someone else I know does!

    Have a great evening :-)


  2. Thanks, I'm going to check it out right now!

  3. Thanks for the great tips! I love Target, but did not know about the coupons they offer. I will be checking that out!