Friday, April 12, 2013

Gluten and Dairy free

Earlier this year, after some research and issues baby sister was having, I took her off dairy, and she did so much better!!!  She's not allergic to dairy, but def has an intolerance.  She was still having a lot of issues with allergies, so after much thought and research, I decided to take her off gluten to see if that would help.  It's been almost 1 month since taking her off gluten, it's been very hard and challenging to learn a whole new diet.  And finding recipes that is both gluten and dairy free is a challenge.  But we're doing it, and baby sister is finally showing signs of improving.  It's so exciting to see her "normal" now...

I have a friend who traveled this "road" a few years ago with her son.  So she's been a great help.  And pinterest is GREAT to research gluten and dairy free recipes.  Some nights our dinner was a hit, others, not so much. lol 

Do you have any gluten free recipes? :)

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