Monday, January 14, 2013

Pretty R

With the holidays over, I needed a new door hanging.  I LOVE wreaths and love making my own.  I wanted something different this time.  I am in love with chevron and black and white are my favorite colors.. So I went to work on an idea I had. :)

I bought a wooden "R" for our last name.  It's $7 at Joann's.  I debated b/t this or the cardboard one that is more 3D, but I decided that this would be easier to paint.
I spray painted the R white.  It took 2 coats.  

 Then it came time draw the chevron lines.  I couldn't figure it out and being that my husband is an artist, I asked him to help me :)  So he did this part.  

Hubby hard at work for me.  I was so excited!!!  

 I hot glued red ribbon to the back and then tied a bow.  This is how the "R" will hang on my door.

With the same pretty red ribbon, I made 3 rosettes to put on the "R".  I LOVE rosettes :) And they are so easy to make.  I hot glued them on the letter "R"

Ta Da!! All done and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  :)  I go outside often to look at my pretty front door :) I love the simple and elegant look of it.

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