Thursday, July 19, 2012

emotional basket case

Yes, that's me, an emotional mess!  In 2 weeks my sweet little cuddly baby will be 1.  I'm in TEARS as I write this.  Seems silly I know, but this year has FLOWN by.  It's SO bittersweet.  I miss the sweet newborn stage, the newness of everything.  But I'm super thankful for a healthy 1 year old (well almost 1).

8/2011 the night before meeting my 2nd daughter

 Waiting in recovery to meet her was torture, but when hubby finally placed her in my arms, it was love at first sight!  

 Sisters meeting for the first time.  I melt into a giant puddle of a mess whenever I think back to this day and this moment.  I was so amazed at the instant love these 2 girls had for each other. 

I'm so thankful the Lord chose to bless me with these 2 sweet girls.  Looking forward to celebrating this sweet birthday with family! 

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