Wednesday, September 2, 2009

WOW Wednesday

This entry is from CreativeMinds. She has started WOW Wednesdays and I thought it was so neat! Go to CreativeMinds to see more neat shops!
Today marks the first weekly post of WOW Wednesday. I thought it'd be cool to list a WOW shop every week. You are more than welcome to participate and list the same shop. If you are participating in WOW wednesday, please do so by posting a link to your blog, and I will check it out!!! :)
My first WOW store is 2Kute Kreations. This shop is so super cute. 2Kute is truly a talented crafter. It's hard to pick a favorite item from her store. Here are some of her 2Kute Kreations. For more, check out her store here.

I agree with CreativeMinds, 2kute is just way too cute! :)
Here are some of my favorites!

Red hat, bow made by BOWquet:

Cute girl's socks

I LOVE these dishcloths

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for participating in WOW Wednesday!!! :)