Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I wanted to show everyone some pictures of my favorite bows! It's hard to pick which one I like best. Everytime I sit down to make a bow, I try to create something unique, something you don't see everywhere. I try to create a bow I know I would be proud to put on my daughter. If I don't like it on her, I don't sell it. She is my model and my muse. :) Which one is your favorite?
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Our Big Flower Power- only $3.50!

This is our latest one. A combo of a bow and flower power. Only $4!

One of the first bows I listed in the store. It's listed at $5. I love brown!

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  1. LOVE the black and white polka dot headband!

    I just blogged on my love for B&W polkadots - check it out at